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Orthodox single mother SoCal fire victim — Fundraising Campaign
sponsored by Fr. Gary Kyriacou — Southern California — December 9, 2017

Bettina Katsaros Needs Your Help! — Bettina Katsaros and daughter Zoe's Crowdfunding Campaign
sponsored by Nicole Radoumis Weiler — Southern California — May 13, 2017

The Athletic Group of Mesaria in Ikaria, Greece needs your help
sponsored by the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood — United States — January 30, 2017
Team coaches are all volunteers, but the cost of equipment, uniforms and participating in athletic events is approximately 20,000 euros annually. The Greek government and the municipality of Ikaria have stopped funding the youth program due to the current economic crisis. Please help provide athletic opportunities for the youth living in Ikaria. Thank you for sharing this! Thank you for donating!

Matthew Tragus Needs Your Help! — Fr. Bill and Presvytera Mia Tragus Crowdfunding Campaign
sponsored by Fr. Bill and Presvytera Mia Tragus — Southern California — November 21, 2016

Greek Students Need Your Help! — Hellenic American Medical & Dental Society Crowdfunding Campaign
sponsored by the Hellenic American Medical & Dental Society — Southern California — November 7, 2016

Urgent Medical Appeal for John Ploutis — Pan-Icarian Foundation Crowdfunding Campaign
sponsored by the Pan-Icarian Foundation — United States — October 22, 2016

Help Nicole Saphos publish her debut jazz album — Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign
Indiegogo sponsored by Steve Saphos — Los Angeles, California — October 18, 2016

Can you help a little boy in Greece? — GoFundMe Crowdfunding Campaign
GoFundMe sponsored by aunt Angela Sarris, and from family member Ismene Gatsios — Orange County, California — September 5, 2016

Please help end animal suffering in Greece! — GoFundMe Crowdfunding Campaign
GoFundMe sponsored by Patricia Destein — Marin, California — April 12, 2016

Greek National Baseball TeamGoFundMe by Costa Kapothanasis, referred to us by Mike Riskas — Baltimore, Maryland — January 12, 2016

Lynne Marie Smith MemorialGreek Obituary for Lynne Marie SmithGoFundMe by her koumbara Lynn Mikelatos — Ventura, California — February 15, 2016

Chicago Meats LA — Chicago style food truck in Los Angeles. — Indiegogo by Mary Laina — Los Angeles, California — November 19, 2015

Marina Sirtis in InternityPromo VideoAfternoon Tea with Marina SirtisPress Release [in Adobe PDF Format]Indiegogo by Joey Adams — Los Angeles, California — November 13, 2015

Nicholas Thomas MemorialGreek Obituary for Nicholas ThomasGoFundMe by his mother Stacy Daskalakis Thomas — Mission Viejo, California — November 27, 2014

Miskatonic West — A mystery web series based on the writings by H. P. LovecraftKickstarter by Harry Kakatsakis — Los Angeles, California — October 9, 2014

  • Antique Prayers — 50 min faith based narrative film - Indiegogo by Paul Kaitson — San Diego, CA
  • Olympia Dukakis: Undefined — A feature-length documentary — Kickstarter by Harry Mavromichalis — New York, NY
  • House of Monsters — A stop-motion web series — Kickstarter by Dawn Brown — Los Angeles, CA
  • Persephone — A short film — Indiegogo by Krystal White — Los Angeles, CA
  • The Foreigner — A stranger brings excitement and redemption to an isolated Greek village. Indiegogo by Alethia Avramis

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Crowdfunding is the collection of finance to sustain an initiative from a large pool of backers the "crowd" usually made online by means of a web platform. The initiative could be a nonprofit campaign ... a philanthropic campaign, a commercial campaign, or a financing campaign for a start-up company. This can be used to create and sell a new product, service — including entertainment like movies and games.