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Baywalk Marketing, provider of Hollywood Greeks, supports crowdfunded business, non-profit, and individual campaigns.
The campaigns below are submitted by the community in chronological order. Due to the volume of community requests, we cannot verify the details of every submission below. Please ask the respective campaign sponsors if you have any questions. We reserve the right to decline any submission for any reason. Thank you —

Holy Trinity Orthodox Christian Academy and Preschool in Warren, Ohio
sponsored by Fred Orend — Warren, Ohio — June 14, 2017

Help Sophia Kaplanis beat Cancer in Southern California
sponsored by Tony Guidi — Southern California — February 5, 2017

From Wikipedia
Crowdfunding is the collection of finance to sustain an initiative from a large pool of backers the "crowd" usually made online by means of a web platform. The initiative could be a nonprofit campaign ... a philanthropic campaign, a commercial campaign, or a financing campaign for a start-up company. This can be used to create and sell a new product, service — including entertainment like movies and games.